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Unfortunately, we are only accepting orders from corporate clients at the moment, due to the current workload. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions about our service or need further assistance please contact

1.What does the setup phase involve?

The setup phase involves the following activities:
Hold workshops with client teams: The InsightBee team will conduct workshops with the client’s sales and product teams, solution architects and others to understand the client’s sales cycle, processes and business environment.
Set up triggers: The InsightBee Sales Intelligence team will build a mind map of sales triggers to be configured on the platform.

2.How is your platform different from other news aggregators available in the market?

Our platform is an opportunity engine. Our analysts develop customised trigger lists for each target account, through which our platform generates potential opportunity leads. Other news aggregator platforms do not have such extensive custom trigger lists; therefore, their opportunity leads are not as comprehensive.
Our platform is truly scalable and robust – every time the sales team provides feedback on an opportunity, we feed it into the platform to optimise the triggers.

3.Once the account is set up, how soon will the platform start capturing opportunity leads?

It is a real-time service. As soon as we set up your account, the platform starts capturing news on your target/segment of choice. You would receive alerts as and when relevant news is published in the public domain.

4.Do I always have to log in to the platform to go through the opportunities pushed by analysts?

No, it is not necessary to log in to the platform. As soon as analysts push an opportunity, you will receive an alert on your registered email address. If you also have our iOS or Android app installed then these opportunities will be pushed as notifications directly on your mobile device.

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