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Our procurement dashboard is customised with the following widgets:

  • Suppliers

    Provides financial risk score, its direction of change and share price movement.

  • Radar

    Provides news related to a category and its suppliers, and allows users to mark potential risks.

  • Category Intelligence

    Provides category reports, key highlights and graphical representations of the category inflation index, covering the past 12–24 months.

  • Emerging trends

    Provides white papers and advisory reports on the latest trends in the category.

  • Recommendations

    Provides suggestions from our in-house analysts on reports that could help you make smarter decisions.

  • Access to all your ordered reports

    All Procurement Intelligence-specific reports such as Supplier Profile and Supplier Risk Assessment, as well as all On-demand research reports.

Learn how you can move quickly and effectively with new opportunities and customised, actionable insights.