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1.What does the setup phase involve?

The set-up phase consists of the following activities:

  • The client identifies the suppliers it wants to monitor.
  • The InsightBee Procurement Intelligence team sets up triggers and monitors them along with expert analysts.
  • The client receives notifications of relevant category events through a dashboard.

2.How is your platform different from others in the market?

The InsightBee Procurement Intelligence platform provides a high level of automation, thereby allowing analysts to spend more time on gleaning insights. The platform is supported by 900 expert analysts and 400 in-house data scientists. Our category reports are updated regularly to provide clients with timely insights.

3.What are the options to gain further insights?

In addition to the dashboard, the platform offers the option of ordering customised reports.

4.How do I know the category report is updated?

When a category report is updated, it will be displayed on the dashboard along with a summary of the update.

5.What are the customisation options on a category dashboard?

Several aspects can be customised, including the list of suppliers, the geographical focus of the category intelligence reports and the choice of emerging trends (white papers). The dashboard serves as a gateway that resolves a range of procurement intelligence-related pain points of category managers.

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