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Unfortunately, we are only accepting orders from corporate clients at the moment, due to the current workload. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions about our service or need further assistance please contact

  • Innovation

    The deep insights and clear visualizations of our Innovation Profile will clearly reveal the technology trends, IP ownerships, and risks and opportunities in a given domain.

  • Innovation Strategies Benchmark

    Let our experts assess intellectual property portfolios and reveal R&D strategies and pipelines. Discover the relative strengths of market leaders and your competitors.

  • Partner

    Find the inventions that address specific needs and challenges and reveal the whitespace open to you. We’ll also profile your potential corporate and academic partners.

Need to add extra questions? You can always expand the scope of a report and order other on-demand research on IP and R&D questions.


Examples of recent reports:

  • A global FMCG company, USA

    A business development executive wanted an overview of all recent innovations for ‘low salt in food’ to understand the key trends and new entrants in this domain.

  • A big 4 professional services firm, UK

    A consultant wanted to benchmark the innovation strategies on ‘marine coatings’ and benchmark 2 competitors with its client, a multinational company, active in the fields of performance coatings and specialty chemicals.

  • An investment bank, New York

    A senior asset manager wanted to understand how a company in the domain of ‘shale gas’ can accelerate innovation in R&D through M&A.

  • A VC fund, San Francisco

    In the domain of ‘Wearable technologies’ a portfolio manager wanted to identify small innovative companies to invest in as well as large corporates that could potential provide an exit opportunity in future.