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Unfortunately, we are only accepting orders from corporate clients at the moment, due to the current workload. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions about our service or need further assistance please contact

1.What does the setup phase involve?

The set-up phase involves the following activities:

  • The client requests for a Corporate Account.
  • The InsightBee Innovation Intelligence team enables the three types of Innovation Intelligence reports to be ordered.
  • The client selects his/her report of choice and provides additional information on the innovation domain and the companies to be analysed.
  • An InsightBee Innovation Intelligence analyst contacts the client to review the final scope of the report before initiating work on it. During the call, the ETA is confirmed.
  • When the report is ready, the client receives an email notification that the report is available for download from the ‘My Reports’ section of the platform.

2.Can I order innovation intelligence reports without subscribing to a corporate account?

Currently, we only support orders for our innovation intelligence reports through the corporate account. However, we do plan to introduce the option to order these reports directly through credit card in future.

3.How is Innovation Intelligence different from similar solutions in the market?

The InsightBee Innovation Intelligence platform provides a high level of automation, which allow analysts to spend more time on gleaning insights. The platform is supported by 400 experts in the Intellectual Property and R&D domains.

4.Can I only order one of the three types of Innovation Intelligence reports?

You can customise several aspects of your project, including the overall scope, types of data and the original sources or technology domains researched. You can order any single report, or all three types of reports. You can even select ‘Other questions on R&D-related innovation’ to fully customise the questions you want answered.

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